Advantages of a Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve (TOV) is a type of industrial valve that works in different ways than its metal-seated counterparts. They’re ideal for high-pressure applications, offer a higher tolerance to wear and corrosion and have a lower operating torque. This makes them the ideal choice for critical process applications. Read more:

The design of a triple-offset butterfly valve differs from other types of butterfly valves in that there are no cavities between the sealing components. This means that there is no room for debris to clog the valve and disrupt the seal, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the valve. This also means that the valve can withstand higher temperatures than traditional butterfly valves.

Understanding the Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve: Design and Functionality

Another advantage of a triple eccentric butterfly valve is that the shaft of the disc is offset from the centerline of the pipe and the centerline of the seat/disc sealing surfaces. This allows the valve to be opened and closed without rubbing or scraping against the seat. In addition, this eliminates the need for a soft seat material which is typically susceptible to damage in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Finally, the triple-offset butterfly valve is bi-directional and has a field-replaceable seal ring and seat, which ensures a lifetime of performance. It’s also lightweight, which reduces handling costs and limits stress on piping. To learn more about this versatile industrial valve, contact VALTECCN today! We’ll help you select the right valve for your specific needs.

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