Basic Commands That Every Dog Owner Should Teach Their Puppies

Basic Commands That Every Dog Owner Should Teach Their Puppies

Dog obedience training is the application of behaviour analysis that employs the natural environment of past antecedents and subsequent consequences to alter the dog’s behaviour, either for it to perform certain tasks or undertake certain actions, or for it to behave effectively in modern domestic society. A dog is said to learn by experience and it is a fact that puppies learn fast and easily if given proper training. The owner has to be consistent in providing dog obedience training that both teaches the dog new skills and helps to overcome bad habits. There are a few things that are to be considered when one sets out to train a dog; first is to look for signs of behavioral problems before starting off with the training.

The Number One Reason You Should (Do) Dog Obedience Training

For example, a dog that has not been trained to respond to commands in a dominant manner may require some professional help to overcome this obstacle. Second, one has to look for ways to make the training interesting and worth the time, even if it is only for a short duration of time. Training dogs should be entertaining so that it motivates them and helps them to master new skills and to retain those skills when mastered. Third, it is important to train a dog by only allowing it to perform simple actions instead of trying to teach it complex tasks like going upstairs or walking up the stairs.

One must understand that all dogs have their own personalities so it is important to be sensitive to the varying needs and tempers of different dogs. One cannot expect every dog to be on par with the other in terms of intelligence, temperament and motivation. Hence, there are different types of dog obedience training that vary from simple commands like stay and sit to complex teaching tasks like going outside or playing fetch. All basic commands are useful but it is always better to know more about your dog so that you can determine what type of training will work best. Some dogs are more difficult to train than others.

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