Choosing a Large Caster Wheel

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Using a large caster heavy duty wheel is a good way to move heavy objects without breaking them. You can use them on chairs, tables, and toy wagons. However, there are several things to consider before choosing the right large caster wheel.

Does tire size affect caster?

The first thing to consider is the material of the caster wheel. For example, a hard rubber caster wheel is easy to roll and has a high load capacity. They are also resistant to most oils and solvents.

Cast iron wheels can also be used in places that require high heat and oil. They also have good abrasion resistance. They can also be operated in mild chemicals. These wheels can handle up to 1500 pounds per caster.

A rubber edge on the wheel is also useful, as it absorbs shock. It can also help to reduce noise. These wheels are also resistant to oils and grease.

Casters can also be made from plastic or rubber. They can be used in areas where oil and grease are common. They have high abrasion resistance and can be used on different types of floors. They also have low starting resistance, so you will not have to exert too much effort to move the cart.

Forged steel wheels can also be used in harsh environments. They can handle metal chips and mild chemicals. They have a hardness of Rockwell 80B. They also have roller bearings. They can be used on smooth steel surfaces.

Aside from the type of material, the size of the caster wheel also plays a role. Larger wheels are easier to roll, and they also help to distribute weights more evenly. They also help to bridge gaps between floor and elevator car. They also cover more ground in a single roll.

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