Choosing a Limousine For Your Special Occasion

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A limousine, also called a stretch limousine, is a vehicle designed to carry passengers in luxury and style. They are popular for proms, weddings, and other special occasions. They are often equipped with entertainment systems, bar areas, and leather seating. This link

Limousines are expensive, but they can offer a sense of class and glamour that is hard to find in other vehicles. Choosing the right limousine for you depends on your budget and how many people will be in your group. Choosing a company that offers quality service will help you feel confident and comfortable during your special event.

The limousine industry is undergoing major changes. The Great Recession and the rise of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have shifted demand away from traditional taxis and limousines. The deadly crashes of two stretch limos last year in New York also prompted the government to introduce new safety standards.

“Victoria’s Finest: The Top Picks for Limo Services in the City

Relatives of some of those killed in the accidents have vowed to push for more strict regulations. They joined senators and congressional representatives Thursday in Amsterdam, N.Y., near where the driver of a limousine lost control and crashed. The families are seeking a bill that would require all limousines to have lap-and-shoulder seat belts for every passenger, and require the vehicles to have crash-test results.

The founder of Touch of Class, a limousine company in Victoria, said his business had grown to the point that it would be easier to merge with a larger fleet than continue to expand alone. He chose to do that, and on Monday, he announced that the business had merged with Kent Mantle’s Elegant Limousine and Charter. The combined company is the largest limousine company in Texas and the 27th largest in the world.

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