Cost For Green Card Application

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Getting a green card requires you to pay a series of fees. Some of these fees are paid directly to USCIS, while others are for things like medical exams or photo fees. There are also additional costs involved with preparing your application and traveling to interviews and meetings. The total cost for your green card is likely to be a lot more than you initially expect, so it’s important to budget carefully and consider all of the possible costs before you start the process. More info:

Practical Considerations: Budgeting for Green Card Application Expenses

The exact amount you will need to pay depends on your type of green card (family-based or employment-based) and whether you are filing from inside the United States, using a process called Adjustment of Status, or overseas, using a process called Consular Processing. You will also need to pay for photos (at least $15 per set). And don’t forget the costs associated with mailing your applications and supporting documents.

If you’re having trouble paying your government fees, there are ways to get help. Some immigration nonprofit organizations and legal aid clinics offer free or low-cost services, and the federal government offers fee reductions and waivers for qualifying applicants.

You can also ask friends and family to contribute to your fees. Many immigrants find that they can pay their fees with support from loved ones. And don’t be afraid to turn down gifts on your birthday or other holidays in favor of cash that you can use to pay your fees!

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