Feel the Power of the Amazon With a Canopy Walkway

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Located at the highest level of a forest canopy, a treetop walkway allows visitors to walk above and into the trees, often granting them a bird’s eye view of the landscape below. Canopy walkways can be bridge-like, or they can be a series of platforms with viewing windows that are spaced throughout the canopy.Check this out :coveredwalkwaycanopy.co.uk

Canopy walkways are important because they bring a new appreciation to the beauty and complexity of our forests. They are also an educational tool, and can inspire conservation efforts at both local and global levels. In addition, they can provide an opportunity for the public to see the forest from the “8th continent,” which may encourage them to care about the health of its trees and the land on which they rest.

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At a recent ACEER educational workshop, one of our staff members met with a group of rural Amazonian teachers on a canopy walkway platform at the top of a giant emergent tree. The teachers were incredibly moved by their experience, and many of them started to cry. When he asked why, they explained that, although they were born and raised in the rainforest, they had never seen the full beauty and majesty of the forest before this moment.

To help you feel the power of this amazing place, we have compiled a list of some of the world’s most breathtaking canopy walkways. We invite you to join us as we embark on a journey through the treetops of this special place – the lungs of our planet.

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