Garden Room Company Offers Traditional Home Extension Methods

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The Garden Room Company is a specialist in creating bespoke garden room additions to homes. These garden room businesses have constructed this large sevenm x 4.5m extension in the rear of a customers home. It has now been divided into three areas including a functional cloakroom, a sunning room and a quiet study. The building has now been completed and it is being marketed as the perfect location for a family who wants to expand their home. The company’s services also include designing and constructing an office space for up to twelve people.

Summer House – Add Value and Style to Your Garden Room With Sip Systems and Garden Room Company Accessories

The building contains a fully equipped modern cloakroom with fully air conditioned windows. It also features a high quality garden room furniture design with over sized oak desks and wood paneling floor and walls. The extension is finished off with a sliding steel door and two security panels. Its contents are also filled with contemporary style kitchen appliances. Customers who wish to expand their home can do so by choosing a garden room extension which has all the desired characteristics of a quality garden building.

Garden room provides an area where clients can relax, enjoy socializing activities or work. It offers an additional living space or workspace where employees, partners, relatives can hold dinners, parties and meetings. It also offers an out-of-the-ordinary location for entertaining. It is a place where homeowners can spend quality time with their loved ones. The garden rooms offered by the Garden Room Company are spacious and comfortable with all the modern features required by contemporary living space.

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