Gym Attire For Women

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You’re dressed in a fly pair of gym attire women leggings and your favourite tunes are pumping, but then you realise you don’t have anywhere to stash your phone. No one wants to work out in a pocketless pair of tights, so consider shopping for a pair with built-in thigh pockets or an athleisure jacket that has plenty of room for your phone, keys and credit card.

A good pair of gym shoes is essential for working out, so shop for a comfy option that will support your feet as you tackle each exercise. Look for a pair with a good amount of cushioning under the heel to protect your feet from impact and an extra-wide sole to give you plenty of stability.

Gym-Ready: The Best Attire for Women to Look and Feel Confident during Workouts

If you’re looking for a more lightweight shoe, opt for a pair with a breathable mesh upper. This will help keep you cool and comfortable as you workout, especially when it’s hot outside or during high-intensity classes.

Women’s workout gear doesn’t get more fashionable or flattering than the FP Movement collection, which features citrus-inspired pops of colour and cheeky cutouts that will turn heads (and make you want to hit the gym in the early AM). Another female-founded brand with a street style aesthetic is Koral, which boasts sleek silhouettes and body-hugging fabrics that elevate your workout and are perfect for a day out after class.

As for gym pants, go for a pair made of sweat-friendly moisture-wicking synthetic or blended fabric to avoid feeling damp and soggy when you’re done with your workout. A breathable fabric will also help prevent chafing, which is always a pain when it happens.

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