How to Get a Foot in the Door in Sports Broadcasting

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As traditional music radio stations struggle and network TV ratings decline, sports broadcasting and news is experiencing a renaissance. People are tuning in to listen to their favorite sports talk show host, catch up on results and analysis of local and national games, or watch them live on their TVs and smartphones. The demand for this type of content has never been higher. URL

As a result, jobs in the field have never been more competitive. But it has also never been more possible to get a foot in the door with the right degree program and internships. Many colleges that offer degrees in communication studies or journalism now also provide concentrations in sports media. A good program will combine great classroom instruction with a variety of real-world opportunities to gain on-air and behind the scenes experience, such as working a professional control board and learning how to edit audio and video snippets that can be used later in the week or during a live news broadcast.

The Impact of Sports Broadcasting on Fan Culture and Loyalty

It is also important to have strong interviewing skills and the ability to elicit informative and interesting responses from the athletes you interview. To prepare for this, the right degree program will provide students with plenty of opportunity to practice with a variety of guests during their coursework and during internships. These experiences will help you develop the ability to ask great questions that will bring out the best in your future interviewees.

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