How to Get the Best Secondary Glazing for Your Home

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best secondary glazing

Homeowners who want to improve the thermal efficiency of their homes but are unable to install double glazing may be looking for other options. One solution is to opt for secondary glazing, which adds a second layer of glass behind the existing windows in your home, reducing heat loss and cold air ingress. In addition, it will help to reduce noise and can provide a more comfortable environment in which to work or relax. Find out

A major long-term benefit of secondary glazing is that it helps to reduce heating bills. The extra glass layer will prevent the warm air from escaping your home and will also help to cut down on cold air ingress, meaning you’ll need less energy to heat your property, saving money in the long run.

Secondary Glazing: Comparing the Top Brands and Products

Furthermore, the secondary window will help to reduce condensation, which can lead to mould and damp in your home, by creating a seal around the existing window pane. This will reduce the moisture that reaches and is held against the windows, which can cause damage to your walls and ceilings.

Another key advantage of installing secondary glazing is that it can be fitted without the need for planning permission, assuming your original window remains in place and unaltered. However, if you live in a conservation area or have a heritage property it is always worth checking with your local council as permission may be required.

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