Meditation in Uluwatu

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Meditation is a practice used across many world religions for thousands of years. It can be as simple as focusing attention like staring at a candle flame, as devotional as chanting mantras on malas or rosaries, or as effortless as simply closing the eyes and connecting to oneself. It is the state of conscious presence and mindfulness that makes you a better person in all aspects of your life. Go here

The Istana is Singapore’s oldest heritage site and a national monument. The estate, built into cliffs on what was once a nutmeg plantation, offers guests a taste of cliff-edge luxury with two pools, a breezy bale, games and children’s wing and a master suite, in addition to a main house that blends modern architecture with traditional Indonesian detailing.

Oceanfront Om: Meditative Experiences at The Istana in Uluwatu

Located at Uluwatu Sunset Hills, this retreat offers private sessions for yoga and meditation. This practice can help you create a stronger sense of connection with yourself and others, decrease your overall stress and anxiety levels, optimize performance and increase energy levels.

This secluded property is situated at the top of a rocky cliff overlooking the white sand beaches and azure waters of Uluwatu, on Bali’s southwest coast. Its five-suite villa is the ultimate in cliff-edge luxury, with generous living and dining areas both indoors and out, a large breezy bale, and two swimming pools, plus a private guest house that contains the master suite.

Guests of The Istana can choose to stay in either an air-conditioned main house or one of four single-story guest buildings that are each furnished with a private deck and terrace, rich teakwood floors, and spectacular views of the surrounding coastline and islands. Guests can also enjoy a range of wellness packages that include spa treatments, bio hacking, and yoga classes.

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