Murray Menkes and Sam Mizrahi

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Murray Menkes was a successful Canadian real estate developer in the 1980s who started his company by buying two lots in Toronto. He decided to leave the fur business and focused on real estate development. In 1954, he built his first condo in the city, the Four Seasons, which sold for $31 million. Now, the Canadian real estate developer is known for his passion projects, including the building of affordable housing for people living on fixed incomes.

The Truth About Murray Menkes And Sam Mizrahi

Mizrahi is a Canadian real estate developer who specializes in new ventures. As a businessman, he has an ability to create a vision and execute it into reality. His first business was selling blank audio cassette tapes to independent stores in Toronto. He has since branched out into residential and commercial property development, supporting numerous nonprofits and charities. He is currently the president of the Toronto Real Estate Association, which supports a number of projects, including the CN Tower.

Sam Mizrahi is a Canadian real estate developer who is based in Toronto. He founded his first condominium project in 2011 and bought land in 2014 for his current development. The One is now the tallest residential building in Canada. He is also actively involved in the community, supporting several nonprofits. He is an active member of many boards. The CEO of Mizrahi is a proud Canadian citizen.

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