Shroom Delivery Canada

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Psychedelic mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in parts of the world with more relaxed drug laws. As a result, there are now shroom delivery services that allow customers to purchase and receive mushrooms online and via mail. These companies include Arbor Shrooms, SoulCybin, and WholeCelium. These companies sell different types of mushrooms and provide educational information about the drug. They also offer a wide range of products such as mushroom edibles, microdose capsules, and gummies.URL:

Safety First: Guidelines and Protocols at House of Shrooms

CBC’s Josh Crabb visited one of the newly opened shops in Osborne Village to meet the people behind it and get an inside look at how the store operates. He also spoke to a man who received a ministerial exemption in 2020 to use magic mushrooms to treat the symptoms of his terminal cancer, and now says he’s struggling to find legal avenues for accessing the drug.

The city of Winnipeg says it doesn’t require special permits or zoning considerations for the businesses and it is the province that would be responsible for licensing. A spokesperson for the provincial health agency, however, told VICE News that psilocybin and the mushrooms that contain it are still illegal across Canada.

The store’s owners hope that officials and law enforcement will eventually see this as a legitimate alternative to cannabis or opioids for some patients. They plan to open more locations across the country, including in Ottawa and Toronto. They’re hoping that when they do, officials will work to establish safe, regulated channels for patients to access the drugs.

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