Spray Foam Architects of Florida – Why You Should Choose Spray Foam Insulation

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If you want to save on energy bills, protect your home or commercial building from air and moisture leakage, and strengthen your structure, spray foam insulation is the perfect solution. This highly effective material is ideal for new construction projects, attics, crawl spaces, and rim joists. It is also versatile and can be used in walls, ceilings, and floors.Source: https://sprayfoamarchitectsflorida.com/

Elevate Your Space: Spray Foam Insulation by Spray Foam Architects of Florida

One of the best reasons to choose spray foam is that it creates an airtight seal. That means that mold, mildew, bacteria, and pests can’t enter your home. It also means that your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard and that your air filters won’t get clogged as often.

Another reason to choose spray foam insulation is that it doesn’t lose its R-value over time. This is in contrast to fiberglass and cellulose insulation, which can lose up to 50% of their R-value over time. This means that your energy costs will remain low for a long period of time.

Closed-cell spray foam can be sprayed into the smallest cracks and spaces and can fill areas that traditional insulation materials cannot. This includes the space around wall sockets and switches, as well as the space between windows. This helps to improve the racking strength of walls, which is particularly important in areas that experience severe winter weather or coastal storms.

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for homes and commercial buildings in Florida, because it can save on energy bills, strengthen the structure, and improve indoor air quality. If you’re considering this type of insulation, contact a professional contractor to learn more about the benefits that it can offer your home or business.

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