The Real World AI by Andrew Tate Review

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The Real World AI is an online learning platform with a variety of courses, including freelancing, running paid ads for local businesses, crypto investing, and AI and content creation. The course also has a chat room where students can connect, ask questions, and learn from each other. The courses are taught by multi-millionaires who know what they’re talking about and will equip you with the same skills they have used to generate millions of dollars.Source :

Tate is a self-made multimillionaire who made his money through webcams, digital advertising, coaching, and owning various businesses that generate passive income. He and his brother Tristan have built up a large online following of men who look up to them as role models. They run a number of popular YouTube channels and have even been referred to as the real-life version of Neo and Morpheus from The Matrix.

Andrew Tate on the Evolution of AI Technology

After being kicked out of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms due to his controversial rhetoric, Tate vowed to create something that was self-reliant, had its own servers, and was its own payment processor. He has succeeded in this by creating The Real World which works like HU but on custom, dedicated servers. It is also available on a smartphone app for convenience.

The community is a mix of people from all walks of life and is welcoming to new members. However, it’s worth mentioning that many of the topics in The Real World are quite advanced and can be overwhelming for beginners. This is why it’s recommended to start with easier courses and work your way up gradually.

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