Tips On How To Do A Towing Job Safely

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Towing a car requires patience, determination and knowledge of the laws in your state and even country. You may need to call local police or tow truck companies to report an illegal tow. Or, you may need to consult with the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that your vehicle is legally registered. In case you are not aware of any of the requirements, it is advisable to get informed first. There is also a national tow alert system that can help you find out if you need to report a broken tow.


Verbal violations like “tow truck not attached” or “tow truck in front” may cause you to pay more than the legal minimum amount for hauling a car. Sometimes, you are charged extra because the company behind the illegal tow has another car that needs to go to the destination and will charge you for that. If you can pay the extra, you can often get out of the long haul without paying a penny more. It is better to play it safe than sorry.


Before taking your car to the tow yard, make sure it is safe. Check for scratches, dents, dings, chips and any other damage. Pull out the carpet to check for signs of leakage. Turn off the ignition and engine to minimize possible sparks that may start a fire. Make sure all lights and tail lamps work properly, including the brake lights. And, as always, be careful when driving – following any traffic rules isn’t enough.

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