Uses of Nitto Tape

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Nitto tape is a Japanese corporation that manufactures tapes, vinyls, lcds, insulation, etc. It was started inOsaki, Tokyo in 1918 in order to manufacture electrical tape and it survived World War II, even though the main office that had been located in Sendai was destroyed. It has always been a very popular name in the industry and remains so today. Nitto Tapes also manufactures rubber and plastic medical equipment used in hospitals and laboratories all over the world.

Winning Tactics For Uses Of Nitto Tape

There are two main types of Nitto tapes. The first is single-sided tape, which comes in two rolls of varying thickness. The other is double-sided tape, which comes in four rolls of varying thickness. Both tapes come with a backing sheet that has a certain pattern, which can be painted on in order to create an image or pattern that will be attracted to the eye. Single-sided tapes and double-sided tapes are commonly used for normal household and construction applications, where their versatility is their primary advantage.

The primary benefit of this type of adhesive tape is its adhesive strength and its excellent adhesive bond to objects of different shapes and sizes. In addition to these benefits, the type of tape also comes with a superior tear resistance property due to its excellent adhesion properties. Its release liner serves as an added protection from the pressures of packaging and shipping and its superior stretchability makes it an excellent choice for use in a variety of packaging applications.

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